n.d. August 1833


London: John Gibson Lockhart’s Residence



Moscheles: ‘His wife, Sir Walter Scott’s eldest daughter, has all her father’s amiability. We saw there for the first time Thomas Moore, the poet, a little lively sparkling Irishman, who, on the strength of his passion for music, immediately made acquaintance with me. He sang his own poems, adapted to certain Irish melodies, harmonized and accompanied by himself on the guitar. Le genre est petit, thought I, but the novelty made it interesting to us. The poet Coleridge was there too, still bright and cheerful, although looking an old man. Of authoresses, we had the Ladies Stepney and Charlotte Bury. After Moore had given us his Irish melodies, I was obliged to go to the piano, and share with the poet the exaggerated compliments paid us by the company’.

RMM, 199.