Ignaz Moscheles

Thematic Catalogue

The following post is a list of Moscheles works. During my research I have found a lot of Moscheles’ publications that not only do not have an Opus Number, but they have not been catalogued as well. In the following I am only including the catalogued works. Until I officially published the catalogued ones.

A thematic catalogue of Moscheles’ works exists and it was firstly published in 1858 by Kistner, and reprinted in 1966. (Thematisches Verzeichniss im Druck erschienener Compositionen von Ignaz Moscheles). Charlotte Moscheles in her book Aus Moscheles Leben includes at the end ‘A Complete Catalogue of Compositions’. Unfortunately, the list is incomplete. The Thematic Catalogue by Kistner includes Moscheles compositions until Op. 136, whereas Charlotte until Op. 142. Both catalogues include a second list with published compositions without an Opus number. The list provided by IMSLP includes a few more works without Opus numbers, and Mark Kroll liste further more compositions in his book Ignaz Moscheles and the Changing World of Musical Europe, (Woodbridge, Suffolk: Boydell Press, 2014). The following list I created is based on the sources I have just mentioned. I have located many more published compositions, and even compositions I know that were published through researching 19th century newspapers and periodicals, however I will only include compositions that I have found recordings of on YouTube. 

In the following list, where available, I link a music score and a video recording of the piece. I have also created the following playlist on YouTube for Moscheles’ works. It includes videos by various pianists all over the world. There are also quite a few CD’s recorded of Moscheles’ music, for instance by Hyperion Records, but since they are not available online for free I have not included any recordings from them. You can listen an extract of some of them on iTunes Store.

List of works with Opus Number

  • Op.1       Variations on a Theme from Mehul’s Opera, Une Folie for piano
  • Op.2       Ten Variations on a Favorite Air  from the Opera Die Dorfbarbier for piano
  • Op.3       Polonaise in D major for piano  Listen ♬
  • Op.4       New Sonatine easy and popular for piano
  • Op.5       Variations on a Favorite air by Weigl, ‘Wer hörte wohl jemals mich klagen?’,         for piano
  • Op.6       Variations for piano on an Austrian National Air, ‘Müsts ma nix in Uebel aufnehma’
  • Op.7       Variations on a Cavatina ‘Tu sei il mio dolce amore’ from the Opera Trajano in Dacia
  • Op.8       Ten Valses for piano
  • Op.9       Five German Dances  for piano
  • Op.10     Triumphal March with two Trios, for four hands on piano
  • Op.11     Two Rondos for the piano, on Themes introduced in the Ballet Les Portraits
  • Op.12      Introduction and Rondo for piano, on a Venetian Barcarolle
  • Op.13      Fantaisie Héroïque for piano
  • Op.14      Rondo Brillante for piano
  • Op.15      Variations for the piano on a Theme from the Opera The Oculist
  • Op.16      Three Love Songs, by E. Ludwig, with pianoforte accompaniment
  • Op.17      Introduction and Variations concertantes for piano, violin, and violoncello
  • Op.18      Three Rondos for piano
  • Op.19      Polonaise preceded by an Introduction for piano
  • Op.20      Grand Duo concertant for piano and guitar. Composed by Moscheles and Giuliani
  • Op.21      Six Variations concertantes for piano and flute or violin Listen ♬
  • Op.22      Piano Sonata in D major
  • Op.23      Variations for piano on a Russian theme Listen ♬
  • Op.24      Rondo Espagnol for piano   Listen ♬
  • Op.25      Caprice in A minor for piano
  • Op.26      Triumphal Entry of the Allies into Paris, a descriptive piece for piano
  • Op.27      Piano Sonata (Characteristic) in B flat major Listen ♬
  • Op.28      Six Divertissements for piano
  • Op.29      Variations for piano on a Theme of Handel Listen ♬
  • Op.30      Rondo Brillant for piano four hands
  • Op.31      Trois Marches héroïques for piano four hands
  • Op.32  Grandes Variations sur un Theme militaire: La Marche d’Alexandre Variations for piano with orchestral accompaniments
    • [Also known as Alexander Variations, and as The Fall of Paris]
  • Op.33      Six Valses with Trios for piano four hands
  • Op.34      Grand Duo Concertant for piano and violoncello or bassoon
  • Op.35      Grand Sextuor for piano, violin, flute, two horns and violoncello Listen ♬
  • Op.36      Variations on an Austrian National Melody for piano and violin
  • Op.37      Grand Caprice, followed by a Potpourri for piano and violoncello or violin concertants
  • Op.38      Fantasia (in Italian style) followed by a Grand Rondo for piano
  • Op.39      Introduction and Variations, for piano on an Austrian National Air
  • Op.40      A movement for piano from Les Portraits
  • Op.40a   Les Portraits, Ballet champêtre et comique de Mr. Horschelt arranged for piano
  • Op.40b  Three Divertissements for piano on subjects taken from the ballet Les Motifs tirés du Ballet: Les Portraits
  • Op.41      Grand Sonate for piano  Listen ♬
  • Op.42    Grand Variations on an Austrian National Melody for piano, two Violins, Viola, Violoncello and double bass or without accompaniment
  • Op.43     Grande Rondo Brilliant de Concert, preceded by an introduction for piano, accompanied by a quartet or an orchestra ad lib
  • Op.44      Grand Sonata Concertante for piano and flute   Listen ♬
  • Op.45      Piano Concerto No.1 in F major
  • Op.46    Fantasia, Variations and Finale on the Bohemian National Song ‘To Gsau Kône’ for piano violin, clarinet (or viola) and violoncello
  • Op.47      Grande Sonate for piano four hands Listen ♬
  • Op.48      French Rondo. Arranged for piano and violin with or without a small orchestra
  • Op.49      Sonata Mélancolique for piano Listen ♬
  • Op.50     Fantasia and Variations on the favorite air ‘Au clair de la Lune’ for piano with orchestral accompaniments
  • Op.51      Three Allegri di Bravura, La Forza, La Leggerezza, Il Capriccio,
  • Op.52      La Tenerezza, A rondoletto for piano
  • Op.53      Polonaise Brillant for Piano Listen ♬
  • Op.54      Rondo Brillant for piano, Les Charmes de Paris Listen ♬
  • Op.55Bonbonnière musicale. Suite de Morceaux Faciles, agréables et doigtés for piano
  • Op.56      Piano Concerto No.2 in E flat major
  • Op.57     Fantasia for piano on three favorite Scotch Airs Listen ♬
    • ‘The Soldier’s return’,  This is no my ain Lassie’, ‘Over the water to Charlie’
  • Op.58      Jadis et aujourd’hui, a Gigue and Quadrille Rondo for piano Listen ♬
  • Op.59      Grand Potpourri concertant for piano and violin or flute
  • Op.60      Piano Concerto No.3 in G minor Listen ♬
  • Op.61      Rondoletto sur un Nocturne Favori de Paër for piano
  • Op.62      Impromptu in B minor for piano
  • Op.63     Introduction et Rondo écossais concertants for piano et Cor (ou Violin ou Violoncelle)
  • Op.64      Piano Concerto No.4 in E major
  • Op.65     Impromptu Martial sur l’Air anglais: Revenge he cries and the traitor dies for Piano
  • Op.66      La petite Babillarde. A brilliant rondo for piano Listen ♬
  • Op.67    Three Brilliant Rondos on Favourite Motives from Vauderville, ‘Les Viennois à Berlin’
  • Op.68      Fantaisie et Rondo sur une Marche autrichienne for piano
  • Op.69      The Recollections of Ireland. A Grand Fantasia in which are introduced the Favourite Airs the ‘Groves of Blarney’, ‘Garry Owen’, and ‘St. Patrick’s Day’ with Orchestral Accompaniments / Souvenirs D’Irlande
  • Op.70    24 Studies for the pianoforte designed as finishing lessons for advanced performers and consisting of 24 characteristic compositions in the different major & minor keys fingered & elucidated with notes explanatory of the Author’s design and the proper mode of executing each lesson
  • Op.71   Rondo Expressif on a favourite  air  from J. B. Cramer’s Collection de Romances / Nocturne
  • Op.72 No.1   Dramatic fantasia in the Italian style on the favourite airs sang in London by Madame Pasta, for piano
  • Op.72 No.2  Gems a la Sontag. A Dramatic Fantasia for piano in which are introduced the most admired Airs sang by Mademoiselle Henriette Sontag
  • Op.72 No.3      Gems a la Malibran. A Dramatic Fantasia on the favourite airs sang in London by Madame Malibran, for piano
  • Op.73     50 Preludes in the major and minor keys. Intended as short Introductions to any Movement and as Preparatory Exercises to the Authors Studies for piano
  • Op.74     Les Charmes de Londres. Rondo brilliant preceded by an Introduction, for piano
  • Op.75     A Grand Fantasia in which are introduced the Favorite Airs Kelvin Grove, Auld Robin Gray, and Lord Moira’s Strathspey/Anticipations of Scotland
  • Op.76     La belle Union. Rondo brilliant preceded by an Introduction for piano four-hands.
  • Op.77     Allegro di Bravura for piano
  • Op.78     Divertimento à la Savoyarde for piano and flute or violin
  • Op.79     Sonate concertante for piano and flute or violin
  • Op.80   Sir Walter Scott’s favorite Strains of the Scottish Bards. Introduced in a Fantasia for the pianoforte with orchestral accompaniments ad lib.
  • Op.81     Symphony No.1 in C Major Listen ♬
  • Op.82a   Rondo Sentimental for piano Listen ♬
  • Op.82b   4 Divertissements for piano and flute
  • Op.83     The Recollections of Denmark. A Grand Fantasiaon national airs, for piano with orchestral accompaniments (ad lib.)/Souvenirs de Denmark
  • Op.84      Grand Trio for piano, violin & violoncello
  • Op.85    La Gaieté. Brilliant Rondo preceded by an expressive slow movement for piano Listen ♬   Listen ♬♬
  • Op.86a    March with trio for piano four-hands
  • Op.86b    Souvenir de Rubini. Dramatic Fantasia for piano in which is introduced the favorite Cavatina “De Quel Di” from Anna Bolena Listen ♬
  • Op.87    Piano Concerto No.5 in C Major with or without orchestral accompaniments
  • Op.87a    Souvenir de l’Opéra. Dramatic Fantasia for piano, on favourite airs sang in London by Madame Pasta.
  • Op.87b   Duo concertant. For two Pianos, with Orchestral Accompaniment in the form of Brilliant Variations on the Bohemian March, from the Melodrama Preciosa.
    / The Gipsies March (from Weber’s Opera Preciosa) with Brilliant Variations for two performers on the piano. Listen ♬Listen ♬ ♬
  • Op.88  Grand Septuor for piano, violin, viola, clarinet, horn, violoncello and contrabass Listen ♬
  • Op.89      Impromptu for piano Listen ♬  Listen ♬ (Midi)
  • Op.90      Piano Concerto No.6 in B flat Major, Concert fantastique Listen ♬
  • Op.91    Overture for full Orchestra to Schiller’s Tragedy, Joan of ArcLa Pucelle d’Orléans
  • Op.92       Hommage a Händel, Grand Duo for two pianos Listen ♬
  • Op.93       Piano Concerto No.7 in C minor, Pathétique
  • Op.94a     Rondo Brillant on Dessauer’s Favorite Romance, Le Retour des Promis.
  • Op.94b    Characteristic Tribute to The Memory of Malibran. Fantasia for piano
  • Op.95  Grand Characteristic Studies for the Piano Forte, designed for the Development of the Bravura and various other Styles of Performance [12 studies]
  • Op.96      Piano Concerto No.8 in D Major, Pastorale 
  • Op.97      6 Lieder with piano accompaniment
  • Op.98      2 Etudes for piano for the album Méthodes des Méthodes
    • 1. L’enjouement, 2. L’ambition
  • Op.99       Tutti Frutti, Six new Melodies for the piano
  • Op.100     Ballade for piano
  • Op.101     Romance and Brilliant Tarantelle for piano
  • Op.102   Hommage à Weber. Grand Duet for piano four-hands on subjects from Euryanthe and Oberon  x
  • Op.103     Serenade for piano
  • Op.104     Romanesca for the piano
  • Op.105   Two capriccios in the form of studies for the piano. Composed for the Beethoven Album Listen ♬
  • Op.106   Brilliant Fantasia for the piano on a favourite Cavatina from Rossini’s Zelmira, and a Ballad from Mozart’s Seraglio.
  • Op.107    Daily Companion of Practical & Progressive exercises on the harmonized Scales being a series of 59 characteristic duets for the piano in all the major & minor keys, fingered & adapted for the use of musical academies, or as useful diversions for students [Two Books]
  • Op.108  Two Brilliant Fantasias for the piano on favourite airs from Balfe’s Bohemian Girl 
  • Op.109a   Brilliant Fantasia on the favorite themes from the opera Don Pasquale for piano
  • Op.109b Mélange on the ‘Serenade’ and other favorite airs in the opera Don Pasquale Donizetti for piano
  • Op.110    Gondolier’s Lied for the piano.
  • Op.111    Four great concert studies (Grandes Etudes de Concert)
  • Op.112    Grande Sonate Symphonique, No. 2. For piano four-hands
  • Op.113   Album of the Favorite Songs of Pischek. Transcribed for the piano, in the form of  a Brilliant Fantasia
  •  Op.114    Souvenirs de Jenny Lind. Fantasia on the most favourite Swedish melodies sang by Mlle Jenny Lind
  • Op.115     Les Contrastes. Grand Duo for two pianos Listen ♬
  • Op.116  Freie Kunst. A poem by Uhland. For a bass or alto voice with piano accompaniment
  • Op.117Six Lieder with piano accompaniment [‘Liebeslauschen’, ‘Dem Liebesänger’,’ Warum so stumm’, ‘Botschaft’, ‘Schäfers Sonntagslied’, Frühlingslied’]
  • Op.118     Grand Valse for piano
  • Op.119    Six Songs with piano accompaniment [‘Abends’, ‘Die Zigeunerin’, ‘Strenge’, ‘Jemand’, ‘Der Liebenswürdigen’, ‘Der dreifache Schnee’]
  • Op.120     Mazurka Appassionata for piano
  • Op.121     Sonata, for piano and violoncello; for piano and violin; for pianoforte duet
  • Op.122     Expectation (after Schiller) Fantasia for piano
  • Op.123     Magyaren-Klänge. Original-Fantasia for piano
  • Op.124     Longing (after Schiller) Fantasia for piano
  • Op.125     Spring song. For a soprano or tenor voice, with piano accompaniment
  • Op.126     Grand Concert Study Listen ♬
  • Op.127     Scherzo for the piano
  • Op.128     Humoristic Variations. Scherzo and Variations for the piano
  • Op.129     The Dance. Characteristic Piece (after Schiller) for piano
  • Op.130    Symphonesque-Heroic March on German National Songs for piano four- hands
  • Op.131  Six Songs, with pianoforte accompaniment [‘Gieb unstäglich Brod’, ‘Frühlingsliebe’, ‘Schmetterling und Liebchen’, ‘Am Meere’, ‘Inniges Verständniss’, ‘Tanz=Reigen der donischen Kosaken’]
  • Op.132     Four duets for soprano and alto with piano accompaniment
  • Op.133     Reverie Melodique for piano
  • Op.134     Toccata for piano
  • Op.135     Pastoral in the Organ Style
  • Op.136     To G. Rossini ‘To the Rivulet’. Song with horn (or viola) obligato, and piano
  • Op.137a   Studies in Melodious Counterpoint for Piano and Cello (10 Preludes from Bach’s 48 with cello obbligato)
  • Op.137b  Studies in Melodious Counterpoint for Piano and 2nd Piano (10 Preludes from Bach’s 48 with second piano) Listen ♬
  • Op.138  Feuillet d’Album de Rossini. An original theme for piano and horn; for piano and viola; for two pianos
  • Op.139     Lied im Volkston with Variations on an original theme for piano duet
  • Op.140Domestic Life. Twelve progressive piano pieces for four hands
  • Op.141    March and Scherzo as Rhythmical Exercises
  • Op.142    Three Character Pieces for piano duet

List of works without Opus Number

  1. Souvenir de Belisaire. Two Fantasias for the piano on favourite airs from Donizetti’s Belisario 
  2. Fantasia for the piano on favourite subjects from Balfe’s opera Falstaff
  3. Fantasia on favourite themes from Weber’s Opera Oberon. For the piano
  4. Fantasia à la Paganini for the piano
  5. Fantasia on Motives from Balfe’s Opera The Siege of Rochelle for piano [Two fantasias]
  6. Bouquet des Mélodies. Fantasia for the piano
  7. Four Pensées fugitives pour le Piano [Romance, Nocturne, Impromptu, Rhapsodie]
  8. Andante and Rondeau on a German Theme. For the piano
  9. The Popular Barcarolle, ‘Or che in cielo’ sang by Signore Ivanoff, in Donizetti’s Admired Opera Marino Faliero arranged as a fantasia with variations for the piano
  10. Echo des Alpes. Divertissement for the Piano on three Swiss Pastoral
  11. Die Tyrolerfamilie. Three Divertissements for the piano
  12. A Divertimento for the Piano Forte in which are introduced the favourite National Swiss Airs as sung by The Tyrolese Family Rainer, with the most rapturous Applause at The Dejeune given at Kensington Palace by Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent
  13. Divertissements on Swiss National Airs. For the piano.
  14. Rondo on a favourite Scotch melody. For the piano.
  15. Military Rondo for the piano, on the favourite duet, ‘Entendez-vous’ from Auber’s La Fiancée
  16. Farewell march of the laudable Infantry Regiment Emperor Alexander on the occasion of his departure from Vienna on April 12, 1815, to fight for Germany’s freedom and independence
  17. Two Grand Marches for the Imperial Alexander Regiment.
  18. March of the 2d Regiment of Viennese National Guard for the piano
  19. Favorite March with Trio, of the Regiments Kutschera and Max Joseph for piano-four hands
  20. Rhapsodie Champêtre. For the piano
  21. The Departure of the Troubadours. Romance with German and Italian words. Variations by Moscheles, Giuliani, and Mayseder
  22. Music Composed for the Sledging Party of the Allied Princes.
  23. Drei Mode: Valses for the piano
  24. Twelve German dances with trios and coda for the piano
  25. Six Valses, for the piano
  26. Six écossaises for the piano
  27. Six Valses, for the piano
  28. Concord (words by T. Probald) for voice and piano / Verständniss Gedicht von C. Probald
  29. Fantasia for the piano on Airs of Neukomm
  30. L’ Elegante, Rondo for the piano
  31. Variations on Handel’s Harmonious Blacksmith, for the piano
  32. Fantasia from Verdi’s opera I Lombardi. For the piano
  33. Fantasia on the favorite motives from Verdi’s Nabucodonosor and I Lombardi
  34. Fantasia on Potem Mitzwo
  35. Fantasia Brillante on Benedict’s Opera The Bride of Venice
  36. Prelude et fugue
  37. Un conte d’ Enfant
  38. Andante et Rondeau sur un Thême allemand

Mentioned by Mark Kroll in Ignaz Moscheles and the Changing World of Musical Europe, (Woodbridge, Suffolk: Boydell Press, 2014).

  1. Apollo’s Gift or the Musical Souvenirs Album 2: Toccata for the piano (p.349)
  2. Caroussel Musik am 23ten  und 1ten Dec. 1814 (p.350)
  3. Solution of Kuhlau’s Enigmatic Canon (p.349): in The Harmonicon, 1830, 249.
  4. Handel’s Ouerture und die beliebtesten Chöre aus der grossen Cantate: Timotheus oder Die Gewalt der Musik. For the piano 4 hands. (p.350)
  5. Hommage à Beethoven for three pianofortes (p.352)
  6. Impromptu for Miss Elvira Grange (p.349)
  7. La Carina Rondino in B flat (p.349)
  8. Reberie in Solitude, an air for the pianoforte (p.349): The Harmonicon, 1826, part II, 57.
  9. The Celebrated Parody on Rossini’s ‘Di Tanti Palpiti’, arranged by Moscheles for the piano (p.349)
  10. Topsy-Turveydom / The way of the world. A musical problem (p.349) Listen ♬ The Harmonicon, 1825, part II, 257.
  11. Vingt-une walses [sic] (p.350)
  12. String Quartet in D minor (parts discovered in 1993 at the Chester Music Collection of the University of Glasgow, p.358)
  13. Quartet in D major for piano, flute, clarinet and bassoon (p.358)


  • Anton Diabellis. Vaterländischer Künstlerverein (Patriotic Artists’ Association) Vol. 1, Variation 26.  Listen ♬
  • Concertante in F for flute, oboe and orchestra
  • Concerto for flute, oboe and orchestra Listen ♬ Arranged for flute, oboe and piano  Listen ♬
  • Pensieri alla Pasta. Fantasia Dramatique per Piano. Sopra vary motive de Arie. Eseguite da questa Celebre cantante Listen ♬
  • Piano Arrangement of Beethoven’s Overture, Fidelio Listen ♬

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