27 June 1828

Franz and Margarethe Stockhausen’s Morning Concert

London: New Argyll Rooms—Time: Morning, Two o’Clock

Tickets: 10s. 6d.


Part I  
Overture, Leonora Beethoven
DuetSignors Curioni, de BegnisRossini
Fantasia for Harp and Horn with Orchestral AccompanimentsMr. Stockhausen, Signor PuzziStockhausen
Scena ed AriaMme StockhausenSoliva
DuetSignora Puzzi, Mlle BrambillaRossini
Oboe SoloMr. VogtVogt
Swiss AirsMme Stockhausen 
Spanish SongMme de Vigo 
*From Niobe: Aria, ‘Il soave e bel contento’Mme PastaPacini
Part II  
Piano ConcertoMr. MoschelesMoscheles
DuetMesdames Stockhausen, Schütz 
Violin SoloM. de BériotDe Bériot
From Le nozze di Figaro: TrioSignora Puzzi, Mr. Begrez, Signor PellegriniMozart
Harp SoloMr. StockhausenStockhausen
Spanish SongMme de Vigo 
From Lodoïska: QuartetMme Stockhausen, Mr. Begrez, Signors de Begnis, Pellegrini Cherubini
Instrumental Finale Mozart
Principal Vocalists: Mesdames de Vigo, Pasta, Stockhausen, Schütz, Mlle Brambilla, Signora Puzzi; Mr. Begrez, Signors Curioni, de Begnis, Pellegrini
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Moscheles, Stockhausen, Vogt, M. de Bériot
Leaders: Signor Paolo Spagnoletti and Mr. Nicolas Mori; Conductor: Sir George Smart



The Morning Post (June 25, 1828): 3.

Madame STOCKHAUSEN has been singing at Manchester with infinite success. She sung in three different languages, viz. Italian, English, and Swiss; her performance of the Swiss Melodies (accompanied on the harp by her husband). Is the most enchanting thing imaginable. She has had the honour of singing them before his MAJESTY, who expressed himself highly delighted. She intends to repeat at her Concert, on Friday morning, what she sang at St. James’s Palace; she is to have the valuable assistance of PASTA, and several other eminent vocalists, on the occasion. 

The Morning Post (June 26, 1828): 2.

ARGYLL ROOMS.——Mr. and Madame STOCKHAUSEN’S MORNING CONCERT, TO-MORROW, the 27th of June, 1828, to commence at Two o’Clock precisely.

Part I.—Overture (Elenora) Beethoven; Duo, Signor Curioni and Signor De Begnis, Rossini; Fantasia, Harp and Horn, Mr. Stockhausen and Signor Puzzi (with orchestral accompaniments), Stockhausen: Scena ed Aria, Madame Stockhausen, Soliva; Duo, Madame Puzzi and Mademoiselle Brambilla, Rossini; Solo, Oboe, Mr. Vogt, Vogt; The news Swiss Airs Madame Stockhausen had the honour of singing before his Majesty, Canton de Soleure. In the course of the Concert Madame Pasta will sing a favourite Aria.

Part II.—Concerto, Grand Pianoforte, Mr. Moscheles, Mozart; Duo, Madame Stockhausen and Madame Schutz, Rossini; Solo, Violin, Monsieur De Beriot, De Beriot; Trio, Madame Puzzi, Monsieur Begrez, and Signor Pellegrini (Le Nozzi di Figaro), Mozart; Solo, Harp, Mr. Stockhausen, Stockhausen; Spanish Song, Madame de Vigo; Quatuor, Madame Stockhausen, Monsieur Begrez, Signor Pellegrini, and Signor de Begnis (Lodoiska), Cherubini; Finale, Mozart.—Leaders, Mr. Mori and Mr. Spagnoletti; Conductor, Sir George Smart.

Tickets, Half-a-Guinea each, to be had of Mr. Stockhausen, No. 36, Great Marlborough-street; and at all the principal Music Shops. Parties of Six, and upwards, may be accommodated with Boxes, by an early application to Mr. Stockhausen, or at the Argyll Rooms.

The Morning Post (June 26, 1828): 3.

SWISS MELODIES—Madame STOCKHAUSEN will sing at her Concert to-morrow morning, which takes place at the Argyll Rooms, several of the wild but characteristic melodies of Switzerland, in which she pre-eminently excels, particularly those which she had the honour of performing before his MAJESTY, who was pleased to express himself highly delighted with them. This Lady ranks among the first of our numerous Prima Donnas, and she is no less respected in private life than she is admired in public. M. STOCKHAUSEN is an excellent performer on the harp, and he accompanies Madame S. exquisitely. The programme of the Concert promises a high musical treat. 


The Literary Gazette: and Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &.c (June 28, 1828): 412.

Madame Stockhausen’s Concert was postponed from Friday week to yesterday; and the excellent selection announced in the programme, and in our last Gazette, were fulfilled only on the latter day.

The Morning Post (June 28, 1828): [3].


The names of these highly talented individuals attracted a numerous and elegant Company to the Argyll Rooms yesterday morning. Madame Stockhausen exerted herself on the occasion with great effect, and gave her celebrated Swiss airs most delightfully; there is assuredly no vocalist of the present day who can vie with her in this species of singing; the neatness of her execution, and the clearness and flexibility of her voice at once charm and astonish. But it is not in this style alone that she excels; her Scena ed Aria and Duett with Madame Puzzi displayed vocal powers of no ordinary quality. Mr. STOCKHAUSEN’S performance on the Harp is characterized by much taste, skill, and delicacy; his Solo was loudly applauded. PASTA sang “Il soave,” and MOSCHELES performed a Concerto, with their usual ability. DE BERIOT played a Solo on the Violin with admirable taste and spirit, especially a beautiful variation on the fourth string, and another in which he introduced the double stops with fine effect; he is a really legitimate performer, and unequalled in his peculiar style.