11 October 1832


Berlin: Abraham Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s Residence


Ballade for Choir and Orchestra, Die erste WalpurgisnachtSolos: Mesdames Schröder-Devrient,
Thürschmidt, Mr. Mantius
From Die Heimkehr aus der Fremde: DuetMme Schröder-Devrient, Mr. MantiusMendelssohn
Grande Sonate in E Flat Major for Piano Four-Hands (Op.47)Messrs. Mendelssohn, MoschelesMoscheles
Piano Polonaise [Op.89]Mr. MoschelesBeethoven
Principal Vocalists: Mesdames Schröder-Devrient, Thürschmidt; Mr. Mantius
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Mendelssohn, Moscheles


Charlotte: Moscheles was present at a delightful performance of the Walpurgis Night [Die erste Walpurgisnacht] given at the house of Felix’s parents; the solos were performed by Mantius, the Devrients and Frau Thürschmidt. Beethoven’s Polonaise and Moscheles’ Sonata in E flat were played by him and Felix, and Mantius and Devrient sang from the Liederspiel The Son and the Stranger. It was a charming evening. A similar party is alluded to on the 14th of October. [RMM, 182-183.]