10 May 1832

 Evening Party

London: Ignaz Moscheles’ Residence


AriaMiss Masson 
BalladMr. Parry jun. 
From Don Giovanni: Duet, ‘Fuggi, crudele, fuggi!’Mme Schröder-Devrient, Mr. HaizingerMozart
From Il barbiere di Siviglia: Aria, ‘Una voce poco fá’ Mme Schreider Rossini
Free Piano Fantasia,  incl. ‘Batti, batti, o bel Masetto’Mr. Moscheles 
Song, ‘Adelaide’Mme Schröder-DevrientBeethoven
Principal Vocalists: Mesdames Schröder-Devrient, Schreider, Miss Masson; Messrs. Haizinger, Parry jun. 
Principal Instrumentalists: Mr. Moscheles


Moscheles: ‘May 10th.—Our grand soiree; we had a happy union of German and English music’.

RMM, 179.


The Morning Post (May 12, 1832): 1.

MUSICAL SOIREE.Mr. MOSCHELES gave a high musical treat on Thursday evening to a select party, at his residence in Chester-place, Regent’s Park. There were no less than four first-rate pianoforte players, namely, Mr. J. B. CRAMER, MOSCHELES, MENDELSSOHN, and Mdlle. BLARETHA (who has lately arrived from Vienna), besides a very superior amateur performer, Mrs. FLEMMING, who, in the course of the evening, displayed their eminent talents to the high gratification and delight of the company. Madame SCHROEDER DEVRIENT, who is about to appear at the Opera House, and is denominated “the SIDDONS of Germany,” sang the celebrated song, Adelaide, from BEETHOVEN’S Fidelio: also MOZART’S duet (with Herr HAITZINGER), Fuggi crudele fuggi, in the German language, in a magnificent manner: she threw her whole soul into these divine compositions, and quite enraptured all around her by her fine declamatory and commanding style, which must produce a prodigious effect on the stage. Mdlle. SCHNEIDER sang Una vocedelightfully; Miss MASSON sang an Italian aria, and Mr. PARRY, jun., a ballad, with much applause. MOSCHELES, “at the call of the house,” gave a masterly proof of his extemporaneous performance, taking for his thema MOZART’S Batti Batti. After one of the greatest musical treats imaginable, the company sat. down to an elegant supper. Among the company were MEYERBEER, Sir GEORGE SMART, Mr. ATTWOOD, Mr. HORSLEY, besides a number of distinguished dilettante.