14 April 1832


London: Mr. Fleming’s Residence, Langham Place

Moscheles: ‘Yesterday, the Reform Bill was passed, and today, at a dinner party, we heard interesting discussions on this subject; but, alas! a great musical soiree followed, attended by the whole Tory party the Duke of Wellington at the head. One cannot play one’s best in the presence of these great men, who concentrate all their attention upon an Italian prima donna; it doesn’t matter whether I or any other artist plays the piano, they don’t care about it; their applause on these occasions, I regard as an expression of delight that they have got rid of me. My wife and I sacrifice as short a time as possible to such soirees, and hurry home again, as soon as good manners will allow us’.

RMM, 176-177.


Morning Post (April 16, 1832): 3.


ON SATURDAY LAST.—…Mr. FLEMING, in Langham-place;