16 June 1828

Johann Sedlatzek’s Morning Concert

London: New Argyll Rooms—Time: Morning, Two o’Clock

Tickets: 10s. 6d.


*AirMme Morin 
Part I  
Overture, Der Freischütz Weber
From La donna del lago: CavatinaSignor Curioni; Horn Obbligato: Mr. SchunkeRossini
Flute ConcertoMr. SedlatzekSedlatzek
From L’Italiana in Algeri 
     Duet, ‘Ai capricci della sorte’
Mme de Vigo, Signor PellegriniRossini
From Der Freischütz: AriaMme SchützWeber
Grand Septet for Piano, Viola, Violoncello, Double Bass, Hautboy, Flute and Horn (by particular desire)Messrs. Moscheles, Moralt, Lindley, Anfossi, Vogt, Sedlatzek, SchunkeHummel
Part II  
Overture, Anacreon Cherubini
Guitar FantasiaMr. HuertaHuerta
From Mosè in Egitto: QuartetMesdames Schütz, Stockhausen, Signors Pellegrini, Torri; Harp Obbligato: Mr. StockhausenRossini
Violin FantasiaSignor de BériotDe Bériot
Swiss Airs with VariationsMme Stockhausen; Oboe and Harp Obliggati: Messrs. Vogt, StockhausenVogt, Stockhausen
Flute Fantasia, Recollections of Simplon with
distance accompaniment for two Horns, Clarinet,
two Bassoons and Serpent     
Flute: Mr. SedlatzekSedlatzek
TerzettoMme de Vigo, Signors Piozzi, TorriRossini
Principal Vocalists: Mesdames de Vigo, Morin, Schütz, Stockhausen; Signors Curioni, Pellegrini, Piozzi Tori
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Anfossi, de Bériot, Huerta, Lindley, Moralt, Moscheles, Schunke, Sedlatzek, Stockhausen, Vogt
Leader: Signor de Bériot; Conductor: Mr. Pio Cianchettini



The Morning Post (June 7, 1828): 3.

Musical.—Mr. SEDLATZEK, whose performance on the Flute (of new construction, going down to low G) has been so much admired, gives a Concert on Wednesday morning the 16th inst. on which occasion Madames SCHUTZ, STOCKHAUSEN, and DE VIGO; BRAHAM, CURIONI, PUZZI, TORRI, PELLEGRINI, MORI, DE BERIOT, HUERTA, and STOCKHAUSEN, will perform; and MOSCHELES will (for that time only), perform HUMMELL’S s celebrated Septette, in conjunction with VOGT, SEDLATZEK, SCHUNKE, MORALT, LINDLEY, and ANFOSSI, so that a most exquisite Musical Melange may be anticipated.

The Literary Gazette: and Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &.c (June 14, 1828): 380.

ON Monday Mr. Sedlatzek, the famous flute player, announces his morning concert, with some fine instrumental music.

The Morning Post (June 16, 1828): 1.

UNDER the immediate Patronage of his Royal Highness the Duke of SUSSEX, and their Serene Highnesses, the Prince and Princesses ESTERHAZY.—NEW ARGYLL ROOMS.—Mr. SEDLATZEK’S (Performer on the newly-invented German Flute) CONCERT, THIS MORNING, June 16, 1 828. To commence at Two o’Clock precisely.

Part I. Overture (Der Freischutz), Weber; Cavatina, Signor Curioni; Horn Obligato, Mr. Schunke (La Donna del Lago), Rossini; Concerto, Flute, Mr. Sedlatzek, in which will be introduced a favourite Russian Air, Sedlatzek; Duetto, Madame De Vigo and Signor Pellegrini, “Ai capricci,” Rossini; Aria, Madame Schutz (German Words), (Der Freischutz), Weber; Grand Septetto (by particular desire, and for this occasion only), Pianoforte,  Mr. Moscheles, Viola, Mr. Moralt, Violoncello, Mr. Lindley, Double Bass, Signor Anfossi, Hautboy, Mr. Vogt, Flute, Mr. Sedlatzek, and Horn, Mr. Schunke, Hummel.

Part II. Overture (Anacreon), Cherubini; Fantasia, Guitar, Mr. Huerta, Huerta; Quartetto, Madame Stockhausen, Madame Schutz, Signor Torri, and Signor Pellegrini, Harp Obligato, Mr. Stockhausen (Il Mosè in Egitto), Rossini; Fantasia Violin, Mr. De Beriot, De Beriot; Swiss Airs, with Variations, Madame, Stockhausen, with Oboe and Harp Obligati. Mr. Vogt and Mr. Stockhausen, Vogt and Stockhausen; Fantasia, Flute, Mr. Sedlatzek, “Recollections of Simplon,” with distant Accompaniment for two Horns, Clarinet, two Bassoons, and Serpent, Sedlatzek; Terzetto, Madame De Vigo, Signor Torri, and Signor Piozzi, Rossini.

The Band will be numerous and complete. Leader, Mr. De Beriot. Conductor, Mr. Pio Cianchettini.

Tickets, Half a Guinea each, to be had of Mr. Sedlatzek, No. 15, Wardour-street; at the Argyll Rooms; and at all the principal Music Shops. 


The Morning Post (June 17, 1828): [3].


This Concert took place yesterday morning at the Argyll Rooms. In speaking of Mr. SEDLAZEK’s performance of the Flute, the attention is primarily directed to the very ingenious plan, by which he has contrived an instrument to produce three notes (B, A, and G) below the ordinary compass. We have designated it as ingenious, and this, we think, is its true character, for its utility is more than doubtful; the additional notes are indeed produced, but they possess neither the fullness nor sweetness which constitute the great beauty of the Flute, nor can they be introduced with effect into rapid passages: great credit is still due to Mr. SEDLAZEK for the invention. As a performer he is entitled to distinguished notice, he executes with smoothness and much apparent ease; his tone, especially in the higher notes, is remarkably clear and brilliant, while in his runs and cadences there is a force and flexibility which cannot fail of pleasing. It would be, perhaps, unfair to remark, that he is deficient in power, for who is not when NICHOLSON is remembered. On the present occasion he performed a Concerto and a Fantasia, both composed by himself; they were well adapted to his style, and the performance gave the at most satisfaction and delight to the audience: in the latter piece a novel and pretty effect was produced by a horn accompaniment played in the adjoining room. A grand Septetto, by HUMMEL, was performed in admirable style, MOSCHELES taking the lead on the pianoforte, accompanied by MORALT, LINDLEY, ANFOSSI (double bass), VOGT, SEDLAZEK, and SCHUNKE. This is a very fine composition, abounding in scientific modulations and brilliant passages for the pianoforte, which MOSCHELES uniformly executed with consummate ability; LINDLEY played the principal accompaniment in his usual perfect style, and the rest did ample justice to the parts allotted them. HUERTA’S Fantasia on the guitar was an extraordinary performance; nothing could exceed the distinctness and general skill by which he gives to his instrument as importance which we could never have anticipated for it. Madame MORIN, in an Italian air, displayed so much natural and acquired talent, that we should wish to see her more before the public, her voice is a contralto of very fine quality, and she manages it with perfect taste, we have not space to enter more at length into this Concert. The Rooms were unusually crowded. 

The Literary Gazette: and Journal of Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &.c (June 21, 1828): 397-398.

ON Monday Mr. Sedlatzek gave his morning Concert at the New Argyll Rooms, which was numerously attended by a brilliant display of fashionable company. The performances which gave the most gratification were—the Concerto on the flute by Mr. Sedlatzek;—the Grand Septetto, by Messrs. Moscheles, Moralt, Lindley, Anfossi, Vogt, Sedlatzek, and Schunke;—a Fantasia on the violin by Mr. De Beriot; Swiss Airs, with variations, by Madame Stockhausen, with oboe and harp obligati by Messrs.

Vogt and Stockhausen;–and a Fantasia on the flute by Mr. Sedlatzek, with distant accompaniments. This piece closed the Concert, which was throughout received with great applause.