19 February 1824

Fifth Subscription Concert


Bristol: Theatre Royal

Note: Moschelles cancelled his tour in the Great Britain due to illness

Charlotte: ‘No sooner had he arrived at Prague than he became dangerously ill, and was laid up for four months in his mother’s house.  He was therefore obliged to forfeit his engagements in England for the winter and spring. The newspapers actually announced his death, but severe as the crisis was through which he passed’. [RMM, 61)


Bristol Mirror (February 21, 1824): 3.

….Upon the whole, though Mr. Moscheles did not appear, as expected, the brilliant assemblage present seemed to feel no loss; and absentees on his account, might have acquired the same degree of contentment.

Bristol Mercury (February 23, 1824) 3.

The absence of Mr. Moschelles, (from indisposition,) was fully compensated by the presence of Mr. Lindley, and knowing, as we do, the difficulty of procuring an instrumental performer, of eminence, at so short a notice, we could not but be gratified the alertness of the Managers….

The celebrated Piano-forte performer, Moschelles, on his way to England, has been taken ill. A serious internal complaint, which he labours under, will, it is feared, deprived us from the gratification of his extraordinary talent has ever excited.