20 May 1822

Pierre-Ignace Begrez’s Concert

London: Mrs. Hughes’ Residence, South Audley Street

Time: Evening, Half Past Nine o’Clock

Tickets: 1 Guinea



Principal Vocalists: Signora Camporese, Mme Caradori, Signora de Begnis, Mrs. Salmon; Messrs. Begrez, Sapio, Signors Ambrogetti, Curioni, de Begnis, Placci, Torri, Zuchelli
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Bochsa, Kiesewetter, Moscheles, Puzzi



The Quarterly Musical Magazine and Review, vol. IV (May 1822): 257.

20. Begrez’ Concert-at Mrs. Hughes’s.

John Bull (May 12, 1822), 1.

MR. BEGREZ has the honour to announce, that his CONCERT will take place on MONDAY, the 20th of May, at the splendid Residence of Mrs. Hughes, in South Audley street.—Principal Performers: Madame Camporese, Ronzi de Begnis, Caradori, and Salmon; Signors Curioni, Torri, Sapio, De Begnis, Placci, Ambrogetti, and Zuchelli; Messrs. Bochsa, Puzzi, Kiesewetter, and Moscheles, &c. &c. &c.— Applications for Tickets, One Guinea each, to be made to Mr. Begrez. 14, Oxendon-street, Haymarket. The Subscription limited. To begin at half past nine precisely.