28 May 1827

Mr. Rothschild’s Grand Dinner and Concert

London: Mr. Rothschild’s Residence, Piccadilly—Time: Evening



The Morning Post (May 21, 1827): 3.

MONDAY, MAY 28.—…Mrs. ROTHSCHILD’S Concert, in Piccadilly.

The Atlas (May 27, 1827): 328.

Mr. Rothschild entertains the Foreign Ambassadors, and a party of distinguished fashionables, next week, at his residence in Piccadilly.

The Morning Post (May 27, 1827): 3.


…Mrs. ROTHSCHILD’S Grand Dinner and Concert, Piccadilly.


Morning Advertiser (May 30, 1827): 2.

Some of the Papers enlarge with extacy [sic] on a grand dinner given by Mr. Rothschild to some fashionable individuals on Monday, at his mansion in Piccadilly. This was a very good thing for the company, but we cannot possibly conceive what interest the public can have in the luxurious eating and drinking of Mr. Rothschild and his guests.

The Morning Post (May 30, 1827): 3.

Mr. ROTHSCHILD on Monday gave a Grand Dinner, followed by a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, at his mansion, in Piccadilly. The following distinguished Personages were present: —

The Prince and Princess Esterhazy, the Prince and Princess Polignac, the Duke de Polignac, Prince Puckler Muskau, the Count and Countess Ludolf, Count Moltke, the Chevalier Da Cuerha, Baron Bulow, the Duchess Dowager of Richmond, and Lady Lennox, the Marquis of Hertford, the Countess of Coventry, and Lady Jane Coventry, Sir Charles Stuart, Earl Stanhope, Viscount Strangford, Viscount Lowther, Sir Robert and Lady Farquhar. Mr. Mrs. and Miss Arbuthnot, Mr. S. Cohen, &c. &c. 

The Harmonicon, vol. X, (May 1832):112.


In May, 1827, a dinner was given to the distinguished foreigner by his countrymen, Mr. Rothschild—

‘A concert,’ he says, ‘succeeded the dinner, at which Mr. Moscheles played as enchantingly as his wife looked.’