n.d. 1827

For the Court circle

London: Kensington Palace—Time: Evening 


Part I  
Free Piano Fantasia, incl. Tyrolese MelodiesMr. Moscheles 
From Zelmira: DuetDuchess of Kent, Princess Feodora; Piano: Mr. MoschelesRossini
Song  Beethoven
Principal Vocalists:  Duchess of Kent, Princess Feodora
Principal Instrumentalist: Mr. Moscheles 


Programme notes: The piano brand was Broadwood.

Charlotte: ‘Moscheles played before the Court circle assembled at the Duchess of Kent’s in Kensington Palace’. 

RMM, 128-129.

Moscheles: ‘The little Princess Victoria was present, and the Duchess begged me to play at once, so that the Princess, who was obliged to go to bed early, might hear me. She left the room after my second piece. I had to play a great deal (on a Broadwood), and accompanied the Duchess in a song of Beethoven’s, besides a duet from Zelmira, sung by her Royal Highness and the Princess Feodora. The Royal party took a very friendly interest in my performances, but what I think pleased them more than all was my improvisation on some of the Tyrolese Melodies, for the Duchess had twice commanded the attendance of the Rainers at the palace’.

RMM, 128-129.