23 July 1821

Lewis Sapio’s Subscription Concert

London: Lady Desanges’ Residence

Time: Evening



From False Alarms: Song, ‘Said a Smile to a Tear’Mr. SapioBraham
From Nina: DuetSignor de Begnis, Mr. SapioRossini
From Otello: Duet, ‘Amor possente nume’  Signora Camporese, Mr. SapioRossini
From Twelfth Night: Song, ‘Bid me discourse’  Miss GoodallBishop
Piano FantasiaMr. Moscheles 
Trio, ‘Tremo in parlar’Signora de Begnis, Signor de Begnis, Mr. Sapio 
Principal Vocalists: Signora Camporese, Signora de Begnis, Miss Goodall; Signor de Begnis, Messrs. Ambrogetti, Sapio
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Bochsa, Lindley, Moscheles, Signor Puzzi
Conductor: Sir George Smart



The Morning Post (July 25, 1821): 3.


Lady Desanges granted the use of her elegant mansion, on Monday evening last, to Mr. SAPIO, jun. (first Tenore to the King of France), who has come to settle in this country under the first patronage.

The Concert was attended by 300 fashionables. Madame CAMPORESE and Mr. SAPIO sung ROSSINI’S beautiful duet “Amor possente nume,” in the most finished style. Mr. SAPIO also sung (by particular request). “Said a Smile to a Tear,” which gave him an opportunity of displaying his fine rich voice, taste, expression, and execution. PAISIELLO’S fine duet of NINA, was exquisitely sung by Messrs. SAPIO and DE BEGNIS, who also sung, “Tremo in parlar,” with Madame RONZI DE BEGNIS, in a very superior manner. Miss GOODALL gave BISHOP’S fine song, “Bid me discourse,” in a manner that delighted the company. AMBROGETTI was a clever and as humourous [sic] as ever. Among the instrumental performers were, MOSCHELLES, who had astonished and delighted, by his wonderful powers on the Piano-forte, Mr. BOCHSA, on the Harp, PUZZI, on the French-horn, and LINDLEY, on the Violoncello, the names of who are vouchers for the superiority of the performance. Sir GEORGE SMART conducted the whole with his usual ability and urbanity. Among the company we noticed the Marchioness of DOWNSHIRE, Marchioness of SALISBURY, Lord and the Ladies HILL, Countess St. ANTONIO, his Excellency Count DE GRAMMONT, Duke of DEVONSHIRE, Lord LOWTHER, Lady STUART, Lady FLINT, Lord FIFE, General TAYLOR, and General UPTON, who appeared highly delighted with the rich musical treat Mr. SAPIO had provided, and who were pleased to signify their approbation of his vocal powers, in a manner that must be very flattering to his feelings.

The London Magazine, vol. IV (August 20, 1821): 316.

The only novelty in the musical world, since our last report, has been the private subscription concert given by Mr. Sapio, jun. The house of Lady Desanges was opened on this occasion, and the tickets were one guinea each. Every part of the entertainment was in the highest order of excellence and elegance. Sir George Smart conducted. Messrs. Moscheles, Bochsa, Puzzi, and Lindley, were the principal instrumentalists, the concert being chiefly vocal.  Madame Camporese, Madame Ronzi de Begnis, Miss Goodall, Signors de Begnis and Ambrogetti, and Mr. Sapio, were the singers; and it follows, that every thing was executed in the most perfect manner. Mr. Sapio, in Rossini’s duet, Amor possente Numi, with Madame Camporese, gave proofs of his masterly accomplishment in the great style of singing, while Said a Smile to a Tear (which was introduced by desire) exhibited his power of ornament to equal advantage. His voice is purely una voce di camera; but his command and variety of manner, together with the neatness and finish of his execution, render him, particularly at this moment, a most valuable accession to the list of our vocalists.