n.d. January 1823




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Charlotte: He [Moscheles] had moved about between Paris and Versailles, Rouen, and other French towns. [RMM, 48.]

[30 April] 1821

Charles Lafont’s and Ignaz Moscheles’ Concert



Charlotte: Both artists [Lafont and Moscheles] were so much patronized by the fashionable world of Paris that Count Senzillon had arranged a concert for them at Versailles also. They arrived with their piano and violin, had a rehearsal, walked about the castle and park, played to a very enthusiastic audience, and returned well satisfied. [RMM, 29.]


Le Courrier (April 21, 1821): 4.

…Les amateurs attendent avec impatience la troisième soirée, qui aura lieu mercredi prochain ; et nous ne doutons pas qu’un grand nombre d’entre eux ne se rende lundi à Versailles, où ces deux artistes doivent donner un concert.