3 October 1835

Evening Tea

Leipzig: Felix Mendelssohn’s Residence


LiederMr. SchreyMendelssohn
Octet (Op.20)
[Arranged for Piano Four-Hands]
Messrs. Mendelssohn, MoschelesMendelssohn
Overture for Piano Four-HandsMessrs. Mendelssohn, MoschelesMoscheles
Piano Concerto No.6 in B flat major, FantastiqueMr. MoschelesMoscheles
Piano Concerto No. 7 in C minor, PathetiqueMr. MoschelesMoscheles
Rondo Brillant in E flat major (Op.29)Mr. MoschelesMendelssohn
Principal Vocalists: Mr. Schrey
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Mendelssohn, Moscheles


Moscheles: I then went to Felix, who asked me to drink tea with him every evening; he is very comfortably settled—it reminded me of my own bachelor days. His Erard stands in the middle of the room, and in his book-case—a perfect storehouse of musical scores—I saw a splendidly-bound edition of Handel. On the table his silver inkstand, presented by the Philharmonic Society, on the walls two charming engravings, one of Titian’s daughter; and the other a portrait of Schätzel (a celebrated singer), on the piano a delightful litter of scores and new music, still cleanliness and neatness prevailing everywhere. We drank tea and chatted until the advocate Schrey (one of the concert directors) joined us. He is a musical enthusiast, with a fine tenor voice, and sang a couple of delightful new Lieder by Felix, which I hope to copy and bring to you. I played my Concerto Fantastique and the Pathetique, about which many kind things were said, and lastly the Rondo which Felix dedicated to me. We played together my Overture and his Octet; everything went smoothly, as you may fancy. We went on till eleven o’clock, and Felix lent me his cloak, that I should not catch cold after the number of “hot notes”.  He is a glorious fellow. By-the-by, Felix cheerfully consented to play my last duet with me at my concert, but the Committee must be duly apprised of the fact. [RMM, 213.]