3 June 1830

Johann Sedlatzek’s Morning Concert 

London: Concert Room, King’s Theatre—Time: Morning, Half Past One o’Clock

Tickets: 10s. 6d.; Boxes available


Flute FantasiaMr. Sedlatzek
Flute FantasiaMr. Sedlatzek
Guitar PieceMr. Huerta
Harp and Violin ConcertanteMessrs. Stockhausen, Mori
Piano FantasiaMr. Moscheles
Swiss Air Mme Stockhausen
Trio for Flute, Bassoon, PianoMessrs. Sedlatzek, Preumayr, Cianhettini
Principal Vocalists: Miss Riviere, Mlle Blasis, Mme Stockhausen; Messrs. Lennox, Sinclair, Thomas, Signors Donzelli, Gratiani, Lablache
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Cianchettini, Huerta, Mori, Moscheles, Preumayr, Sedlatzek, Stockhausen
Conductor: Mr. Pio Cianchettini



The Morning Post (May 29, 1830): 1.

UNDER the immediate Patronage of his Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, their Serene Highnesses the Prince and Princess Esterhazy, and Lady East.—Great Concert Room, King’s Theatre.—Mr. SEDLATZEK,  First Performer on the new German Flute, the compass of which goes down to G, has the honour to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, and the Public, that his MORNING CONCERT will take and the Public, that his MORNING CONCERT will take place at the above Rooms, on THURSDAY next, June 3, to commence at Half-past One o’Clock. Vocal Performers who have kindly promised their assistance—Madame Stockhausen, Miss Riviere, and Mdlle. Blasis; Signor Donzelli, Mr. Sinclair, Signor Gratiani, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Lennox, and Sig. Lablache. Instrumental Performers—Violin, Mr. Mori; Pianoforte, Mr. Moscheles; Harp, Mr. Stockhausen; Bassoon, Mr. Preumayer (Premier Basson de la Chapelle de S. M. le Roi de Suède et Norwege); Flute, Mr. Sedlatzek; Guitar, Signor Huerta; Conductor, Pio Cianchettini. This is the only public Concert in which the Prague Minstrels will perform; they will appear with their Costume. Tickets, 10s. 6d. each, to be had at Mr. Sedlatzek’s, No. 8. Wardour-street; at Mr. Willis and Co.’s Music Repository, No. 55, St. James’s-street; and at the Box-office, King’s Theatre. An early application for Boxes is requested to made to Mr.  Sedlatzek


The Morning Post (June 4, 1830): 3.


Although the rain fell in torrents all the morning yesterday, this Professor’s Concert was very numerously attended, and the performance gave very general satisfaction. A trio for the Flute, Bassoon, and Pianoforte, was extremely well performed by Messrs. SEDLATZEK, PRFUMAYR [sic], and CIANCHETTINI.—MORI played a concertante duet, violin and harp, with M. STOCKHAUSEN, with his accustomed brilliancy. Madame STOCKHAUSEN was loudly encored in a Swiss melody, and MOSCHELES delighted the audience with his masterly performance on one of ERARD’S patent action Grand Pianofortes. HUERTA’S clever performance on the Guitar was deservedly applauded

The Literary Gazette; and Journal of the Belles Lettres, Arts, Sciences, &c. (June 5, 1830): 372.

On Thursday Mr Sedlatzek’s morning concert brought a crowded audience to the Great Concert Room; and the whole performances went off with great éclat. Moscheles, Lablache,* and Sedlatzek himself were most liberally rewarded by plaudits for their exertions; Madame Stockhausen was again honoured an encore.

The Harmonicon, vol. 8 (June 1830): 307.


Concert Room, King’s Theatre, Thursday Morning, 

June 3rd.

M. Sedlatzek does not deal in those miraculous passages which astonish all and please few: he therefore has no occasion to sacrifice the tone of his flute for the sake of being able to execute on it what was never intended for the instrument, but attends more to expression, and cultivates taste of a gentler, if not of a more imposing kind. The consequence is, that he pleases while others surprise,—his Bounds go more to the heart than to the head,—and the gratification he affords, being of a tranquil kind, leaves a more lasting impression than that which arises from wonder. He played two fantasias,—one of them full of charming melody, and the other not uninteresting. He had also the assistance of M. Moscheles, who performed a fantasia; of M. Huerta on the guitar; of MM. Preumayr, Mori, and Cianchettini; together with Mad. Stockhausen, Mdlle. Blasis, Lablache, and other vocalists.