7 July 1828

Grand Entertainment by Mr. and Mrs. Rothschild

London: At Mr. Rothschild’s House in Piccadilly


Account book (1829)

Von Mrs de Rothschild für 4 Soireen (um 7: July ŭ 5:Nov:1828, 8: April ŭ 1: July 1829) erhalten £40, hiervon ab £4.4 für meinen Concert Tikkete diese Saison bleibt — £35.16 —[1]

H. R.

[1] Moscheles had performed at Mr. and Mrs. Rothschild on May 19, 1828. Nothing was advertised regarding a soiree on November 5. It seems unlikely that Moscheles would have performed since during autumn he was away on a tour. 


The Morning Post (July 7, 1828): 3.

Mr. and Mrs. ROTHSCHILD’S Grand Entertainment to their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of CUMBERLAND and GLOUCESTER, and Prince LEOPOLD, in Piccadilly.


The Standard (July 8, 1828): 4.

M. N. Rothschild, Esq., gave a splendid dinner yesterday; the following were the most distinguished persons present:—His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex, his Royal Highness the Duke of Glocester [sic], Duke of Wellington, Duke of Gordon, Duchess of Gordon, Princess Esterhazy, Dowager Marchioness of Salisbury, Prince Polginac, Lord S. de Rothsay, Vis. Deerhurst, Baron Bulow, Count and Countess Ludolf, Mr. Greenwood, Colonel French, Mrs. Montefiore, Mrs. Arbuthnot, Colonel Pootin, and Colonel Stephenson. A grand entertainment took place in the evening, at which were present upwards of 200 of the nobility and gentlemen of the first distinction. 

The Morning Post (July 9, 1828): 3.


Gave a Grand Entertainment on Monday at their house in Piccadilly, to their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of SUSSEX and GLOUCESTER, and the following distinguished Persons:—

The Duke of Wellington, Prince Polignac, Count and Countess Ludolf, Duke and Duchess of Gordon, Princess Esterhazy, Marchioness Dowager of Salisbury, Lord Stuart de Rothsay, Sir Robert Farqubar, Baron Bulow, Lord Deerhurst, Mr. Greenwood, Mr. Arbuthnot, Colonel Stephenson, Colonel Higgins, &c. &c.

The Dinner and Dessert were served with Mr. GUNTER, in the most splendid style, and on this occasion the magnificent service of Gold Plate was used, the exquisite workmanship of which was greatly admired.

The Banquet was succeeded by a Concert, in which Mlle. SONTAG, Madame STOCKHAUSEN, Monsieur DE BERIOT, and other first-rate talent assisted.

After the Concert, the Company were summoned to the Ball by the music of WEIPPERT’s band, and the dancing was kept up till three o’clock.

The Atlas (July 13, 1828): 440.

Mr. and Mrs. de Rothschild gave a splendid entertainment, on Monday, to the Dukes of Sussex and Gloucester, the Duke of Wellington, and a number of distinguished personages.