11 February 1823

John Loder’s Benefit Concert


Bath: Assembly Rooms

Time: Evening


Part I  
Symphony No.5 in C minor Beethoven
From Israel in Egypt  
Duet, ‘The Lord is a man of war’
Messrs. Phillips, RolleHandel
Air, ‘By the Simplicity of Venus’ Doves’      Miss GeorgeBishop
From Tancredi  
Recit., ‘M’abbraccia, Argirio’  
Duet, ‘Ah! se de’ mali miei’  
Miss Wood, Signor Torri  Rossini
Piano Concerto [No.4 in E major]
(first time in the country)    
Mr. MoschelesMoscheles
From Idomeneo (by desire)  
Recit., ‘Non più. Sacro ministro’       Quartet, ‘O voto tremendo!’
Miss Wood, Messrs. A. Loder, Manners, RolleMozart
Aria, ‘Gratias agimus tibi’Miss Field; Clarionet Obbligato: Mr. PowellGuglielmi
From Così fan tutte  
Trio, ‘La mia Dorabella capace non è’
Messrs. Manners, Phillips, Signor TorriMozart
Part II  
Overture, Tancredi   Rossini
Recit. ‘Alfin ritorna’  
Aria, ‘Ecco a te mi guida amore’
Miss WoodC. Mayer
Piano and Violin duet (MS)  
(expressly arranged for this concert)
Messrs. Moscheles, LoderMoscheles
From Torvaldo e Dorliska  
Aria, ‘Fra un’ istante à te vicino’  
Signor TorriRossini
From Bianca e Falliero  
Quartet, ‘Cielo, il mio labbro ispira’  
Miss Field, Miss Wood, Mr. Rolle, Signor TorriRossini
Free Piano FantasiaMr. Moscheles 
Air, ‘Nay, weep not, dear Ellen’Mr. RolleC. Smith
From The Comedy of Errors  
Duet, ‘As it fell upon a day’  
(words from Shakespeare)
Miss Field, Miss GeorgeArranged by Bishop
From La clemenza di Tito  
Sestet, ‘Tu, è ver, m’assolvi, Augusto’
Miss Field, Miss George, Miss
Wood, Messrs. A. Loder, Manners, Phillips, Rolle, Signor Torri
Principal Vocalists: Miss Field, Miss George, Miss Wood; Messrs. A. Loder, Manners, Phillips, Rolle, Signor Torri  
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Loder, Moscheles, Piele, Powell, Seine, Verstein
Leader: Mr. John Loder; Conductor: Mr. Windsor Mr. Rolle gave Bishop’s splendid song, “Fast into the wave,”       Mr. Rolle gave Bishop’s splendid song, “Fast into the wave,” Mr. Rolle gave Bishop’s splendid song, “Fast into the wave,”


Programme Notes: The piano and violin duet might have been piece Moscheles’ Sonata Concertante, for piano and flute, or violin, Op.79, which was firstly published in 1828.—The piano brand was Stodart.






TUESDAY EVENING, 11th Feb. 1823

Leader ………… Mr. LODER.

Second Violin … Mr. VERSTEIN. | Viola….Mr. SEINE | Violoncello…. Mr. PIELE.

Conductor ……………. MR. WINDSOR.


MR. MOSCHELES will perform this Evening on Stodart’s new Patent Piano-Forte.

 [The rest of the programme includes the pieces performed, including the lyrics of the songs]

 [GB-Lbl C.61.g.1]


The Bath Chronicle (February 13, 1823): 3.

Mr. LODER’S Benefit Concert took place last evening the Rooms, and was attended by the principal persons of taste and fashion in Bath, for whom a rich treat was provided by the worthy leader and director of the Subscription Concerts. We regret that owing to a particular accident to our manuscript we ate not able at present enter into further particulars of this very admirable performance, which afforded to all present the utmost gratification, and was highly creditable to the distinguished taste and talents of Mr. Loder.