10 April 1827

The Marquess of Hertford’s Concert

London: Marquess Hertford’s Mansion in Piccadilly—Time: Evening  


AriaSignora Toso 
DuetSignora Toso, Signor GalliRossini
Principal Vocalists: Mesdames Castelli, Vestris, Miss F. Ayton, Signora Toso; Mr.  Begrez, Signors Curioni, de Begnis, Galli 
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Dragonetti, Kiesewetter, Moscheles, Signor Puzzi



The Morning Post (April 6, 1827): 3.


All the talents, vocal and instrumental, were placed in requisition for the Musical Party, given by the Noble Marquis, on Wednesday evening.

The magnificent saloon was the scene appropriated for the performers and the company; the Leaders from the Opera House, and other singers of celebrity; the music, Italian and Spanish. The Concert commenced at half-past eleven, and ended at two o’clock. The visitants promenaded through the rooms of state till three o’clock, admiring the pictures and buhl furniture; by the bye the remark was general that the Marqui- [sic] had added greatly to his invaluable coaction of articles in virtu since the least season. There was a sumptuous Supper at side tables; the wines, if possible, excellent. 

There were present :— 

The Prince and Princess Esterhazy, Prince Polignac, Princess Lieven, Prince Cimitelli, Prince Gortchakoff, Prince Puckler Muskau.

DUKES—Devonshire, Wellington, Northumberland.

DUCHESSES—Montrose, Leinster, Northumberland; Dowagers Richmond and Leeds.

MARQUISES—Londonderry, Salisbury, Thomond, Lothian, Palmella, Camdeu.

MARCHIONESSES—Londonderry, Salisbury, Lothian, Downshire, Palmella, Hertford; Dowagers of Salisbury and Downshire.

EARLS—Tankerville, Gower, Limerick, Chesterfield, Verulam, Rosslyn, Aboyne, Falmouth, Caernarvon, Westmorland.

COUNTENESS—Caledon, Clare, Charlevill, Harrowby, Ludolff, Verulain, St. Antonio, Glengall, Listowell.

LORDS—Eliot, Strangford, J. Thymnem J. Fitzroy, Melville, G. Cavendish, Henry Cholmondeley, Dufferin, Aukland, Ravensworth, Castlereagh, St. Helens, Tullamore, King.

LADIES—Henry Chelmondeley, John Thynne, Ashley, Cooper, E. Graham, G. Agar Ellis, St. Clair Erskine, Dufferin, M. Petre, Macfarlane, H. Baring, Strachan, Folkestone, L. Meyrick, Ravensworth, L. Kilderbie, G. Wortley, Rowley, J. Blatchford, E. Bennet, F. Fitzgibbon, H. Lascelles, Levison Gower, E. Stuart, A’Court, Mildmay, Binning, E. Drummond, Daere, H. Herbert, Hervey, Melville, H. W. Wynn, M. Ryder, J. L. Peel, O’Brien, Ennismore, C. Stanhope, G. S. Stanley.

SIRS—Charles Rowley, W. Boroughs, H. Willoughby, W. Scott, C. Greville, W. W. Wynn, R. Maclarlane.

GENERALS—Ross, Capel, Bligh.

COLONELS—Walpole, Whatley.

CAPTAINS—Drummond, Scott.

MESSRS.—Carleton, Tomline, Varing, Forester, Hope, Littleton, Fremantle, Fane, Croker, Cavendish, Mildmay, Agar Ellis, Peel, J. Hope, Arbuthnot, F. W. Russell, Raikes, Parnther, P. Bouverie, B. Thompson.

MISTRESSES—Hope, Littletou, Baring, P. Bouverie, Johnstone, Coutts, W. Wynn, Mitchell, Cavendish, Mildmay, Lane Fox, Parnther, Davonport, B. Thompson, J. Chaplin, Wilmot Horton, Robarts, St. John Mildmay, Arbuthnot.MISSES—Hare, Bouverie, Eden, Crosbie, Arbuthnot, Johnstone, W. Wynn. Baring, Hervey, Petre, Mitchell, Raikes, Cunliffe. 


The Globe and Traveller (April 11, 1827): 3.

The Marquis of Hertford had a musical party yesterday evening at his house in Piccadilly.

The Morning Post (April 11, 1827): 3.

The Marquis of HERTFORD had a Grand Musical Party yesterday evening at his house in Piccadilly, which was very numerously and fashionably attended. 

The Morning Post (April 12, 1827): 3.


At Herford House, on Tuesday evening, attracted all the leaders in High Lie The Concert was held in the great room, adjoining the saloon. Miss FANNY AYTON was among the vocalists who charmed the brilliant circle by the display of their professional abilities. The same splendour and taste as usual prevailed on this occasion. The refreshment tables abounded with every delicacy. The Party broke up at two o’clock. There were present:—

The Prince and Princess Esterhazy, Prince Poligaac, Princess Lieven, Prince Gortchakoff, Prince Cimitell, and Prince Puckler Muskau.

DUKES—Devonshire, Wellington.

DUCHESSES—Richmond, Leeds, Leinster, Montrose.

MARQUISES—Caermarthen, Lothian, Clanricarde, Londonderry, Exeter, Thomond, Downshire. Palmella.

MARCHIONESSES—Londonderry, Emily of Londonderry, Lothian, Clanricarde, Downshire, Palmella—Dowagers of Salisbury.

EARLS—Chesterfield, Morley, Verulam, Gower, Tankerville, Carlisle, Caernarvon, Falmouth.

COUNTENESS—Morley, Verulam, Gower, Tankerville, Carlisle, Glengall, Ludolff, St. Antonio.

LORDS—J. Fitzroy, G. Seymour, Levison Gower, Castlereagh, Tullamore, J. Thynne, Aukland, Ravensworth, Ashley.

LADIES—M. Petre, Macfarlane, Harriet W. Wynn, E. Graham, Melville, L. Legge, Binning, Strachan, M. Ryder, A’Court, Ashley Cooper, Hervey, Barbara Ponsonby, C. Wortley, Jane Lawrence, Peel, E. Drummond, H. Lascelles.

SIRS—W. W. Wynn, C. Greville.

MESSRS.—Baring, Russell, Hope, Parnther, Peel, Ashley, Raikes, Forester, Littleton.

MISTRESSES—Baring, Lane Fox, Arbuthnot, Coutts, Williams Wynn, Mitchell, Hope, Littleton.

MISSES—Baring, W. Wynn, Mitchell, Raikes, Petre, Eden. 

The Morning Chronicle (April 13, 1827): 3.

THE MARQUESS OF HERTFORD’S CONCERT.—On Tuesday last, the Noble Marquess gave a very fine Concert, at his splendid mansion in Piccadilly, at which all the élite of the Italian Opera attended. Signora TOSO, Miss F. AYTON, Signors CURIONI, DE BEGNIS, GALLI, &c., together with Mesdames VESTRIS and CASTELLI, and M. BEGREZ. MM. [sic] MOSCHELES and KIESEWETTER also assisted in varying, and greatly enriching the selection, by some exquisite pieces which they performed on their respective instruments; and Signors DRAGONETTI and PUZZI aided by their accompaniments. Signor GALLI’S sonorous voice was heard to vast advantage in the magnificent Saloon appropriated by his Lordship to those entertainments, which he gives on a large scale; and Signora TOSO, in a duet with the former, and in a grand aria, displayed her superior vocal powers with great effect. The rank of the company assembled, and the choiceness of the music performed, rendered this a remarkably brilliant evening. 

Bell’s Life in London and Sporting Chronicle (April 15, 1827): 2.

[Same as issued in The Morning Chronicle on April 13]