19 May 1826

Charles Auguste de Bériot’s Benefit Concert

London: New Argyll Rooms—Time: Morning



Part I  
Violin ConcertoM. de BériotRode & de Bériot
Violin Trio, incl. airs from Der FreischützMr. Dragonetti, M. de Bériot, Signor MasarnauArranged by de Bériot
Piano Rondo Brilliant Mr. MoschelesMoscheles
Principal Vocalists: Mme Pasta; Messrs. Begrez, Sapio
Principal Instrumentalists: M. de Bériot, Messrs. Dragonetti, Lindley, Moscheles, Puzzi, Signor Masarnau



The Harmonicon, vol. IV (June 1826): 131.

M. DE BERIOT’S,—Morning Concert, Friday, May 19th, at the Argyll Rooms.This very pleasing performance took place in the secondary room, which holds from 200 to 250 persons. Madame Pasta, Messrs. Sapio, Begrez, Lindley, Dragonetti, Puzzi, &c., assisted, and M. Moscheles played a rondo brillant. We could only repeat in this place what we have observed in a former page concerning M. Beriot;—therefore merely state that he played the same piece now that he executed at the fifth Philharmonic concert, and with the same ability; and also the violin part of a trio, with Messrs. Dragonetti and De Masarnau, composed of airs from Freischütz, arranged in an exceedingly popular manner by himself