Ignaz Moscheles’ reception in the nineteenth century and his influence on concert life

In order to investigate Ignaz Moscheles’ musical journey, and how and why he was valued as an estimated figure, I created this website that is introduced as a complimentary part to my PhD thesis

The website introduces Moscheles’ concert-life from 1807 to 1846, before his retirement to Leipzig.

In each section you will find the advertisements and reviews of each concert I was able to locate. All of these have been typed down by myself and thus, I am not using any original images from letters, playbills and newspapers that I do not have the right to.

For my methodology see: Methodology

For an abstract of my thesis and the table of contents see:Thesis Abstract & Table of Contents

Before you use this database please firstly read the Guidelines: Preface and Guidelines

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PS London and Birmingham entries are still incomplete

Author: Dr Sevastiana Nourou