28 February 1833

         Musical Evening Concert

London: [Sir George Smart’s Residence]


Flute FantasiaMr. Nicholson; Piano: Sir George Smart 
Piano Duet, Sonata in A flat majorMrs. Anderson, Mr. MoschelesHummel
Principal Vocalists: Miss Bruce, Miss Masson, Mme de Meric; Messrs. E. Taylor, Horncastle, Parry, Parry jun., T. Cooke, Signor Donzelli 
Principal Instrumentalists: Mrs. Anderson; Messrs. Moscheles, Nicholson, Sir George Smart



The Morning Post (March 9, 1833): 3.

MUSICAL.Sir GEORGE and Lady SMART gave a great musical treat on Thursday evening. Among the vocalists present were—Madame de MERIC, Miss BRUCE, and Miss MASSON; DONZELLI, HORNCASTLE, E. TAYLOR, PARRY, T. COOKE, PARRY, jun., and several amateurs. Mrs. ANDERSON and MOSCHELES performed HUMMEL’S magnificent pianoforte duet in A flat, with that admixture of spirit, taste, and delicacy which the composition requires; in short, it was a perfect performance. NICHOLSON displayed his matchless talent on the flute, to the high gratification of the company. He was extremely well accompanied in his fantasia by Sir GEO. SMART on the pianoforte. After the Concert the company partook of an elegant supper.