22 May 1829

Johann Sedlatzek’s Private Concert  

London: Mansion of Lady Frances Shirley—Time: Evening


Principal Vocalists: Mlles Blasis Sontag, Mme Stockhausen, Signors Donzelli, de Begnis, Graziani 
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Moscheles, Mori, Sedlatzek
Conductor: Mr. Pio Cianchettini



The Courier (May 16, 1829): 3.

Maddle. Sontag, Madame Stockhausen, Maddle. Blasis, Mr. Moscheles, and several other eminent Performers, will sing at Mr. Sedlatzek’s Private Concert, at Lady Frances Shirley’s Mansion, on the 22d of May. His Concert last year has made him a great favourite with the Public, his style of playing on the Flute being quite original and peculiar to himself.


The Courier (May 25, 1829): 2.

M. Sedlazek’s concert last week was one of the most successful this season, and in every respect supported by the first vocal and instrumental performers; such as Sontag, Stockhausen, Blasis, Donzelli, De Begnis, Graziani, Mori, Moscheles, &c. Not only his incomparable style of playing his new flute to the lower G., but his skill in arranging a concert, displayed the perfect virtuoso. Mr. Sedlazek has established himself as a favourite in this country.

The Harmonicon, vol. VII (July 1829): 175.


The same Evening [May 22], at the Mansion of Lady Francis

Shirley, 2, Harley Street.

M. Sedlatzek played on his new flute down to A, and produced a good effect from it. Messrs. Moscheles and Stockhausen performed on their respective instruments, and Mad. Stockhausen, Madlle. Sontag, Madlle. Blasis, Sig. De Begnis, &c. sang; and Mr. P. Cianchettini conducted. The spacious rooms were well filled by guinea tickets.