2 May 1826

Mr. Blewitt’s Concert

London: Surrey Assembly and Concert Rooms, Kennington—Time: Morning, One o’Clock

Tickets: 10s. 6d., Family Tickets to admit three: 1 Guinea



Part I  
Selection from The Creation Haydn
From The Creation: Recit. ‘In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth’ Mr. PhillipsHaydn
‘Luther’s Hymn’Mr. Braham; Trumpet: Mr. Harper 
From The Creation: ‘Heavens are telling’Grand ChorusHaydn
Part II  
Flute Fantasia, incl. ‘Adeste Fidelis’ with Variations Mr. Nicholson, OrchestraWeber
Cavatina, ‘I’ve been roaming’Miss LoveC. Horn
Ballad, ‘Jock of Hazledean’Miss Paton 
From Così fan tutte: Trio, ‘La mia Dorabella capace non è’Messrs. Horncastle, Phillips, SapioMozart
Part III  
Piano FantasiaMr. Moscheles 
Air, ‘Kelvin Grove’Mr. Braham  
Ballad, ‘Blue Bonnets over the Border’Mr. Braham  
GleeMessrs. Horncastle, Phillips, Master Bailey 
Principal Vocalists: Miss Graddon, Miss Love, Miss Paton; Messrs. Braham, Horncastle, Pearmann, Phillips, T. Welsh, Sapio
Principal Instrumentalists: Messrs. Harper, Moscheles, Nicholson, T. Cooke
Leader: Mr. Thomas Cooke; Conductor: Mr. Blewitt


Encores: Cavatina, ‘I’ve been roaming’—Miss Love—C. Horn

Air, ‘Kelvin Grove’—Mr. Braham

Ballad, ‘Blue Bonnets over the Border’—Mr. Braham


John Bull (April 23, 1826): 127.


Mr. BLEWITT begs most respectfully to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, and his Friends, that he proposes to give a GRAND MORNING CONCERT of Vocal, and Instrumental Music, at the above Rooms, on TUESDAY, May 2d, 1826, on which occasion the following eminent Professors have kindly promised their assistance:—Miss Paton, Miss Graddon, and Miss Love ; Mr. Braham, Mr. Phillips,  Mr. Pearman, Mr. T. Welsh, Mr. Horncastle, and Mr. Sapio. Leader. Mr. T. Cooke—Principal Flute, Mr. Nicholson—Trumpet, Mr. Harper; with several other Gentleman of great eminence. Mr. Moscheles has kindly consented to perform a Fantasia on the Grand Piano-forte. Conductor, Mr. Blewitt.—To commence at One o’clock precisely.—Single Tickets, Half-a-Guinea, Family Tickets to admit Three, One Guinea, to be had of Mr. Blewitt, No. 12, Minerva Terrace, Brixton-road, and the principal Music-sellers.

The Morning Post (April 27, 1826): 1.

SURREY ASSEMBLY AND CONCERT ROOMS, Kennington.—Mr. BLEWETT [sic] begs most respectfully to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, and his Friends, that he purposes giving a GRAND MORNING CONCERT of VOCAL, and INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC, at the above Rooms, on TUESDAY, May 2, 1826, on which occasion the following eminent Professors have kindly promised their assistance :—Miss Paton, Miss Love, and Miss Graddon; Mr. Braham, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Pearman, Mr. T. Welch, Mr. Horncastle, and Mr. Sapio ; Leader, Mr. T. Cooke ; Principal Flute, Mr. Nicholson; Trumpet, Mr. Harper ; with several other Gentleman of great eminence. Mr. Moschelles has kindly consented to perform a Fantasia on the Grand Piano-forte; Conductor, Mr. Blewett. To commence at One o’Clock precisely.—Single Tickets, Half-a-Guinea ; Family Tickets to admit three, One Guinea, to be had of Mr. Blewett, No. 12, Minerva Terrace. Brixton-road; and the principal Music Sellers.

John Bull (April 30, 1826): 137.

[Same as issued in John Bull on April 23, excluding ‘Mr. Pearson’.

Morning Advertiser (May 2, 1826): 1.

MR. BLEWITT begs most respectfully to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, and his friends, that his CONCERT is fixed for THIS MORNING, at the Surrey Assembly and concert Rooms, Kennington; on which occasion the following Eminent Vocal and Instrumental Performers have already promised their kind and valuable assistance: (Vocal) Miss Paton, Miss Graddon, and Miss Love; Mr. Braham, Mr. Phillips, Mr. Pearman, Mr. T. Welch, Mr. Horncastle, and Mr. Sapio:—(Instrumental) Leader, Mr. T. Cooke; Principal Flute, Mr. Nicholson; Principal Trumpet, Mr. Harper; with several other Gentlemen of great eminence. Conductor, Mr. Blewitt, who will preside the Grand Piano-Forte.—The band will be numerous and complete. 

Concert to commence at One o’Clock precisely. 

Tickets 7s. to be had Mr. Blewitt, 12, Minerva Terrace; Mr. Wake, Library, North Brixton; Mr. Batten, Library, Mr. Hands, Stationer, Mr. I. Ovington, Printing Office, Clapham; and all the principal Music Warehouses in London.


Morning Advertiser (May 3, 1826): 3.



Yesterday a grand Morning Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music took place at the above Rooms, for the benefit of Mr. Blewitt, which commenced at one o’clock, and was both numerously and respectably attended. There were upwards of 1000 persons present, comprising all the most respectable females resident in Kennington and the neighbourhood.

As a proof of the professional talent called into requisition upon the occasion, it may be sufficient to mention, that among the instrumental performers ’were Mr. T. Cooke, of Drury-lane, who was leader of the band, Mr. Nicholson, on the flute; Mr. Moscheles, on the piano-forte; and Mr. Harper, on the trumpet; and among the vocal performers were Misses Paton, Graddon, and Love, and Messrs. Braham, Sapio, Phillips, Horncastle, &c. 

After the Overture, which was performed in very grand style, a Selection from “The Creation” was introduced, in which Mr. Phillips, in the Recitative, “In the beginning God created,” &c. was highly applauded. Mr. Braham then sang Martin Luther’s celebrated Hymn, accompanied on the trumpet by Mr. Harper. The beauty and grandeur of the Music, and the excellent and powerful style in which it was livered by Mr. B. was the theme of universal admiration. He is, perhaps, the only singer of the present day who can give proper effect to that sublime composition. 

The Grand Chorus from “The Creation,”—“Heavens are telling,” concluded the first Act. 

The second commenced by a Fantasia on the Flute by the celebrated player, Mr. Nicholson, accompanied the Orchestra, in which he introduced the beautiful sacred Air of “Adeste Fidelis,” with variations, and which he performed in a most masterly manner. Miss Love then sang the Cavatina Horn, “I’ve been roaming,” with considerable taste and effect, and in which she was rapturously encored. Miss Paton was then introduced by Mr. Braham, and although she evidently laboured under severe indisposition, gave the Scotch ballad “Jock of Hasledean,” in her usual excellent style, accompanying herself on the piano-forte. The second part concluded with the trio “La mia Dorabella,” by Messrs. Sapio, Horncastle, and Phillips. 

The Third Act commenced with a Fantasia on the Piano-forte, by that celebrated performer Mr. Moscheles. The brilliancy of his style, and the rapidity of his execution, at once astonished and delighted the audience, and such was the effect produced, that they more than once interrupted him during the performance with the loudest marks of their approbation. 

Mr. Braham then sung the favourite Scotch Air, “Let us haste to Kelvin Grove;” and the Song, “Blue Bonnets over the Border,” in his happiest manner, and in both was rapturously encored. 

The performance concluded with glee, Messrs. Phillips, Horncastle, and Master Bailey. 

The whole of the performance (which conducted by Mr. Blewitt) went off in very excellent style, and gave great satisfaction to the Ladies and Gentlemen present.

The Morning Post (May 4, 1826): 3.

At the Surrey Assembly Rooms, Kennington, Mr. BLEWIT’S Concert aided by BRAHAM, SAPIO, PHILLIPS, T. WELSH, MISS PATON, and Miss LOVE, drew a very numerus assemblage. We never heard BRAHAM in a finer voice. His “Luther’s Hymn,” “Kelvin Grove,” and “Blue Bonnets,” were loudly applauded. Miss PATON gave “Jock of Hazledean;” it was most rapturously receive, it is a charming ballad and was exquisitely sung. Miss LOVE sung “I’ve been roaming,” which as loudly encored, indeed we never heard so much made of it before. SAPIO and PHILLIPS were much applauded, and the whole gave the fullest satisfaction to the audience, credit to the Performers, and, we believe and hope, profit to the Enterpreneur.