The website introduces Moscheles’ career—between 1807 and 1846—in the Austrian-German realm (Austria, Bohemia, Germany), Great Britain, Belgium, France, the United Kingdom of Netherlands, the Kingdom of Denmark and Sweden.

Through Moscheles’ benefit concerts, concerts he assisted, performances at parties, at dinners and at different events, the website investigates nineteenth-century concert life. Each concert entry includes advertisements, reviews, playbills and extracts found in letters and in the two volumes of Moscheles’ memoirs (AML and RMM). I am not using any original images from letters, playbills and newspapers; instead I have typed down everything by myself. I also created concert programmes by reviewing advertisements and reviews.

The website is complete apart from the section of ‘London’, which will be added in due to time.

The website, came to fruition from my research for my PhD thesis at Goldsmiths, University of London supervised by Professor Simon Mcveigh and Naomi Matsumoto. For an abstract and the table of contents of my thesis ‘Ignaz Moscheles’ reception in the nineteenth century and his influence on concert life’ see: Thesis Abstract & Table of Contents

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Author: Dr Sevastiana Nourou